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diamond4 Avolites Diamond 4 Elite
For those with a relaxed programming schedule, the D4 Elite’s direct access control surface offers intuitive and fluid programming, that will realise the full potential of the lighting design. Conversely, for those time-pressed moments when an LD has just minutes to programme a spectacular show – the D4 Elite offers immediate access to a powerful ‘instant’ toolkit.
showsafe Avolites Show Safe
tigertouch Avolites Tiger Touch II
The new Avolites Tiger Touch represents The Definitive Hybrid console. A hybrid of powerful Diamond 4 functionality coupled with the friendly Pearl interface – unquestionably the industries favourite!A hybrid of fast, accessible, ‘hands on’ control working in conjunction with the intuitive touch screen. This responsive, wide screen, touch interface provides a constantly evolving software skin which envelopes the high performance hardware platform.Avolites Tiger Touch, the seamless link between functionality and form.
titanmobile Avolites Titan Mobile
Avolites TITAN Mobile binds the awesome power of TITAN software with a compact and lightweight unit that connects to your laptop to produce a fully featured moving light control system.As our industry ‘greens up’ and wises up, many shows have become ‘festival tours’ where the only things to be freighted around are the band, designers and flexible control systems.The control surface of TITAN Mobile coupled with Avolites touring experience enables designers to ‘keep it live’ while preserving their shows visual integrity.
frog2 Zero88 Frog 2
A powerful controller for the more demanding applications. To allow for effective control the Frog 2 offers multiple cue stack playback, comprehensive palette selections and effects libraries. The use of macros allows for the automatic programming and playback of shows.
orb Zero88 Orb XF2
The ORB XF is a powerful lighting console featuring 60 Multi Function Faders making it ideal for control of live events. Combined with theatrical syntax ORB XF provides intuitive control of both generic dimmers and moving lights.
frogleap Zero88 Leap Frog 48
Latest generation Frog consoles with generic dimming control and capability for 200 moving lights. Developed using feed back from operators of our current Frog consoles the new Leap Frog range maintains Zero 88’s philosophy of providing great value feature packed products.
jester Zero88 Jester ML
The Jester ML is a powerful performer across rock, theatre and corporate lighting presentations. The console offers users a cost effective solution for control of up to 30 moving lights and 24 dimmer channels. Featuring an effects system, recorded pallets, and an extensive library of fixture personalities, the Jester ML is an ideal choice for mixed lighting venues.
jester tl Zero88 Jester TL
The Jester TL is the right lighting control choice for up to 200 dimmer channels and 30 fixtures. Operation is by numeric keypad using industry standard command syntax; making the Jester TL an excellent choice for theatrical and performance venues where consistent show playback is paramount.
jester 1224 Zero88 Jester 12/24
Jester 12/24 is an ideal console for live and recorded playback control in smaller performance venues. With a rich but easy to use feature set, the Jester 12/24 delivers more than you would expect in a compact package.
juggler Zero88 Juggler
Juggler is a manual lighting control desk specifically designed for the smaller stage; a perfect solution for small scale lighting systems. Channel faders are set in a conventional two preset layout for easy crossfading. A fade time control allows smooth fades to be achieved over periods as long as 5 minutes. All crossfades are true dipless. This ability to hold constant lighting levels and varying fade times allows sophisticated lighting plots to be replayed simply and accurately.
level6 Zero 88 Level6
Level 6 DMX is designed to be a simple and intuitive small lighting desk, making it ideal for DMX control applications as diverse as schools, meeting rooms and museums.
mq60 Chamsys MQ60
The MagicQ MQ60 is part of a new generation of small and lightweight MagicQ Consoles specifically designed for travelling lighting designers. MagicQ software features include easy patching from a library of 9000 fixture personalities, simple attribute selection and programming, flexible live lighting control including a powerful inbuilt Pixel Mapper. MagicQ MQ60 features the same flexible lighting control, media server connectivity and in-built Pixel Mapper found in all MagicQ consoles, and uses the same software and show formats, enabling compatibility between all MagicQ products. MagicQ MQ60 supports 12 universes over Ethernet using Art-Net I, II or III, Pathport, or Streaming ACN. In addition there are four fully patchable direct DMX outputs on the rear panel.
digilitepulsemx DigiLite Pulse MX
PULSE-MX is a professional lighting console by DIGILITE featuring a familiar and flexible GUI interface, ideal for controlling large and small lighting systems. PULSE-MX has been designed to be easily transportable and compact in its sizes, without the need of external monitors or control hardware for the setup and programming.
strand Strand 250ML
This is the perfect desk to introduce you to the world of intelligent fixture control. Built for entry level operation and small to medium sized theatres, the Strand Lighting 250ML console gives you a simple interface, great features and an even better price.It merges the world of conventional dimmer/channel control using traditional Command Line operation with an easy to use interface for attributed fixtures using a color LCD screen that has soft keys and attribute encoders.Strand Lighting’s 250ML console can control 250 channels for dimmers and 30 automated luminaires for Moving Lights and LEDs.

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